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ZUMO Software Inc. is a privately held Canadian software development company specializing in internet based communication solutions for schools and universities. ZUMO was created by Keyvan Mohajer and Stefan Zukotynski in 2001.

Zumo's main product is Course Communication Network (CCNet). CCNet is available in multiple languages and has been used by millions of users around the world. The core technology behind CCNet makes it extremely scalable, a single server being able to handles millions of hits per day. More than a learning and content management software, CCNet provides a platform for development. Third party programmers and developers within authorized institutions are able to use this easy to use scalable platform to add new modules to the core code of CCNet to meet their specific needs.

Various surveys from users, both students and instructors indicate that users prefer CCNet over other competing products due to its easy to use user interface and speed. For more information click here.

Zumo Software Inc.