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1. What is CCNet?

The CCNet software is a powerful web-based tool that revolutionizes course management and class communication. The program has been successfully used at the University of Toronto and at Stanford University for the past two years. You can find out more about the main features of CCNet here .

2. Who uses CCNet?

CCNet is used by course instructors and coordinators, teaching assistants, teaching administrators and students. Moreover, departmental and institutional staff can use CCNet to compose and run various surveys and questionnaires, including TA applications, TA evaluations, course surveys and more.

3. What are some strengths of CCNet?

CCNet is a secure and effective two-way instructor student communication tool, with 128 bit encryption. It is reliable, with two mirror servers and multiple daily backups. It is also extremely user friendly, and previously designed course web sites can easily be imported into CCNet.

4. How can I setup a course web site using CCNet?

If you are a Professor, TA or a course administrator and if you would like to setup a course web site using CCNet please complete this form.

5. What if I already have a web site for my course?

If you have already spent a lot of time and effort to build a course web site for a specific course, you can still use your old web site by importing your old pages into CCNet. This can be done by making your main page point to a specific URL instead of the default CCNet main page. You can also add additional links to external pages. Alternatively, you can import some of the CCNet functionalities to your current web site without actually using a CCNet based web site for your course.

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