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CCNet is a new web-based course management and class communication tool. It provides a powerful teaching and study management solution for students, teachers, and administrative staff. CCNet is extremely user friendly, fully customizable, affordable, and designed to meet the total needs of all types of institutions. It has been used with great success at a selected group of prominent schools and universities since its unveiling in September of 2000. With new features constantly being added, CCNet is quickly becoming the choice of information technology advisors.

Key Features of CCNet

•  Course outlines and timetables can be easily customized.
•  Information can be disseminated through customized mass email.
•  Postings on the bulletin board can be made by both instructors and students.
•  Announcements and handouts can be placed online in any format.
•  Handouts can be made available to public or to registered users only.
•  Students can view their grades and relative standing as soon as they are submitted.
•  Grades can be displayed numerically, as letter grades, or as pass/fail/honors standing.
•  Class lists can be easily uploaded from any database.
•  Grades can be downloaded from and uploaded to any database.
•  Class surveys & evaluation of teaching staff can be carried out online.
•  Administrative interface can be used for managing users, courses, and content.

Strengths of CCNet

•  CCNet is secure, with state of the art encryption schemes.
•  CCNet is reliable, with multiple mirror servers and multiple daily backups.
•  CCNet is extremely fast.
•  CCNet is user friendly.
•  Previously designed course web sites can be easily imported into CCNet.

New Features of CCNet

•  Automatic lecture recording and video broadcast
•  Multimedia enabled flash based learning tools and online tests
•  Wireless connection and content browsing using PDAs and cell phones
•  Multiple language support

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