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I have found CCNet to be very useful. The course site is easy to use and it is flawless in operation. I used it first in an undergraduate course EE 141M and later in a graduate course EE346. I will use it in the Autumn in Atomic Processess AP383.  One of my principal uses is to download Mathematica files which support homework sets. The site is a great addition to teaching at Stanford. ”

Professor Steve Harris

Dr. Steve Harris teaches electrical engineering and applied physics at Stanford University .

“The CCNet Course Management System provides an extremely easy to use, friendly, and fast method for developing course websites. Prior to using this system, I would have to use the standard HTML interface which was time consuming and difficult to maintain. Furthermore, capabilities such as secure grade storage, backup, and password-protected access are now easy, unlike before. CCNet has for me and many of my colleagues become a one-stop utility for all my grade assignment, announcement generation, and general course management needs. The experience from the students has also been overwhelmingly positive suggesting that CCNet is an invaluable tool for any college or university. “

Professor Parham Aarabi

Professor Parham Aarabi is a faculty member and a Canada Research Chair in Multi-Sensor Information Systems at the University of Toronto . He has been awarded the 2002 ECE Club Best Computer Engineering Professor award (teaching award) as well as the 2003 Early Career Teaching award.

“CCNet is a great tool for large classes because it is simple to use and it can integrate with U of T systems such as ROSI. It is very intuitive and is great for taking care of administrative tasks, such as allowing students to access their grades online.”

Dr. Susan McCahan

This article is cited from the May 2003 issue of the Academic Technology Newsletter, Resource Center for Academic Technology, University of Toronto . Dr. Susan McCahan is the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto .

I recently used CCNet for my 4th year and graduate VLSI courses at the University of Alberta .  Installing the CCNet software on our server was very straightforward.  The software was user-friendly and easy to use, and the response from the students was very positive.  Next term, CCNet will be indispensable for my 200-student course! ”

Professor Vincent Gaudet

Dr. Vincent Gaudet is an electrical engineering professor at the University of Alberta .

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